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Music Thanks

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Our musical season for choir and handchimes have come to a break. We are looking for special music for the months of June, July, and August. If you are willing, if you have something you would like to hear, or know of someone I should contact, please let the church office or Carol Kolodejchuk know.


The handchime choir gives thanks and appreciation to Rich Schallberg for the storage boxes he made, in which to keep the stands and music folders. Two units that look like beautiful furniture and adequately keep our equipment in place. Thank you so much, Rich. I would also like to extend me thanks to the handchime players and the substitutes this past year. We have progressed to a point; we have some expression and speed, and sometimes I can really direct. It is so much fun.


Thanks to the choir members for committing to the Sunday services and all the other times I have asked your participation. We also are accomplishing more musical achievements.


Our special music participants have been wonderful. We have been recipients of visiting musicians that we truly appreciate. Thanks. Sometimes it seems we take advantage of our tried and true musicians, but our services are so inspired by your contribution. It is fun to hear the progress of our young musicians and encourage any one to contact me for summer services. Thanks.

Barb Steers and I are so appreciative of the beautiful lamp stands on both pianos and organ. If you notice, they match perfectly with the instrument and make it much easier to light our music. Dwight Schultz is responsible for that. Thank you. Another thank you to Marvin Grimm, who has repaired our handchime tables. What would we do without all the  volunteer time and labor? Thank you all so much.


The musical groups will be on summer break so remember I will be contact persons for special music. We hope we have been an inspiration; we thank you for taking us into your hearts during services. Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Carol Kolodejchuk

Music Director