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Announcements and News


  • Drive in Worship continues at 9am in the parking lot.  Please know your Church Council is working on plans for inside worship, Thanks for your patience and understanding!

  • Daily Devotionals The little books for the next 3 months (Oct.-Dec.) are here.  If you need one, swing on through the Parish Center, there's a plastic tub under the awning.

  • Jig Saw Puzzle Exchange  We have a jigsaw puzzle exchange program.  Bring a puzzle, take a puzzle.  There's a great variety in the Parish Center lobby!

  • Worship Matters - If you would enjoy reading the scripture in worship, please sign up on the bulletin board in the Sanctuary on Sunday or contact the church office.  You will also notice a spot inviting folks to bake 2 loaves of bread for Holy Communion or bring altar flowers.  Thank you worship volunteers!

  • Make your voice heard - Please contribute news, information and announcements. Submit your items to the office by email eastunionlc@gmail.com or hand in your news at the Parish Office.

  • What's new with you? New email, change of home address, new phone number, new baby, new spouse? Please email eastunionlc@gmail.com with your news - join us in the effort to keep up with you.

  • Like us on Facebook! - Check out East Union on Facebook and make sure you like us! 

Upcoming Special Events 

(visit our calendar for a listing of all EULC events)

  • Annual Congregational Meeting - Join us for our Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 31st after worship.