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Announcements and News

  • Love INC Towel Ministry  We need your help.  We are running low on our towel supply.  Currently we need bath, hand & kitchen towels.  Please bring your donations to the Parish Center.  Thank you for all your donations!

  • Choir and Chimes  We invite anyone to join us.  The Choir sings on the first Sunday of each month and the chimes play on the fourth Sunday.  Please consider making the commitment  to enhance our Sunday services.

  • Volunteer Opportunity  Methodist Hospital Hospice will be providing training sessions this fall for those who are interested in hospice volunteering.  If interested, please call Libby Swanson at 952-993-5381 or email: Elizabeth.swanson@parknicollet.com.

  • Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women in Belle Plaine  is looking for donations of new toys for children to use when they are at the center.  Greatest needs are: interactive arts and craft activities, board games, yard games, popular new DVD's and Lego kits.  Please bring donations to the Parish center.  Thanks in advance for your donations!

  • Jig Saw Puzzle Exchange  We have a jigsaw puzzle exchange program.  Bring a puzzle, take a puzzle.  There's a great variety in the Parish Center lobby, help yourself!

  • Worship Matters - If you would enjoy reading the scripture in worship, please sign up on the volunteer clipboards on Sunday or contact the church office.  You will also notice a spot inviting folks to bake 2 loaves of bread for Holy Communion or bring altar flowers.  Thank you worship volunteers!

  • We are hiring! - We are currently seeking out exceptional candidates to fill the role of Youth and Education Program Director. Learn more and help us spread the word!

  • Cookbooks - EULC Congregational Cookbooks are still available. They include over 89 pages of recipes and feature our Sunday School kids artwork. Purchase yours today for only $8. Send an email to eulccouncil@gmail.com with questions.

  • Church Keys - If you have keys to the church and are no longer a council or committee member, please return them to the office.

  • Make your voice heard - Please contribute news, information and announcements. Submit your items to the office by email eastunionlc@gmail.com or hand in your news at the Parish Office.

  • What's new with you? New email, change of home address, new phone number, new baby, new spouse? Please email eastunionlc@gmail.com with your news - join us in the effort to keep up with you.

  • Like us on Facebook! - Check out East Union on Facebook and make sure you like us! 

Upcoming Special Events 

(visit our calendar for a listing of all EULC events)

  • Rally Day, September 15 - During worship we will bless our Sunday School and Confirmation teachers.  After worship the whole congregation will participate in a fun woodworking project.  Bring your screwdrivers and hammers and be ready to help our kids construct a faith treasure.  Formal classes begin on September 22.  Feel free to invite friends and neighbors.  Registration forms are located in the Parish Center.

  • Quilt Retreat, September 20 & 21 - The quilting group is hosting a weekend retreat starting at 9am each day.  If you are interested in joining us, please call Janet at 952-448-37828 or Evelyn at 952-448-9465.  Cost is $10, everyone is welcome!

  • New Member Class, October 6 - Have you been visiting for awhile?  Would you like to learn more about our church?  Pastor will meet with people during Fellowship.  We would love to have you join us.