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Announcements and News

  • Love INC Linens Ministry comes to East Union!  We have served 100's of clients to date.  Currently we are well stocked in all areas, except bath hand towels  Thank you for all the donations!

  • Jig Saw Puzzle Exchange  We have a jigsaw puzzle exchange program.  Bring a puzzle, take a puzzle.  There's a great variety in the Parish Center lobby, help yourself!

  • Worship Matters - If you would enjoy reading the scripture in worship, please sign up on the volunteer clipboards on Sunday or contact the church office.  You will also notice a spot inviting folks to bake 2 loaves of bread for Holy Communion or bring altar flowers.  During the summer months you are also invited to provide special music for one of our summer Sundays.  Thank you worship volunteers!

  • We are hiring! - We are currently seeking out exceptional candidates to fill the role of Youth and Education Program Director. Learn more and help us spread the word!

  • Cookbooks - EULC Congregational Cookbooks are still available. They include over 89 pages of recipes and feature our Sunday School kids artwork. Purchase yours today for only $8. Send an email to eulccouncil@gmail.com with questions.

  • Church Keys - If you have keys to the church and are no longer a council or committee member, please return them to the office.

  • Make your voice heard - Please contribute news, information and announcements. Submit your items to the office by email eastunionlc@gmail.com or hand in your news at the Parish Office.

  • What's new with you? New email, change of home address, new phone number, new baby, new spouse? Please email eastunionlc@gmail.com with your news - join us in the effort to keep up with you.

  • Like us on Facebook! - Check out East Union on Facebook and make sure you like us! 

Upcoming Special Events 

(visit our calendar for a listing of all EULC events)

  • Softball, July 22 - The East Union Lutherans play at 6:15pm against Christ Victorious at Lion's Park in Chaska.  Come and cheer for our team!   

  • Softball, July 29 - The East Union Lutherans play at 8:45pm against West Union Warriors in Chaska.  

  • Praise at the Prairie, July 28 & August 25 - Bring your lawn chair or blanket to worship with you as we gather at our beautiful prairie for our 9am worship.  The worship will go on inside if the weather does not cooperate.

  • Church Family Camp Out, August 10-11- We will gather at 4pm at a nearby farm.  We will setup camp, explore, play games, make supper together & have some good old fashioned fun!