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When to contact your Pastor

Call, email or text your Pastor when…


You or a loved one is going into the hospital. In these days of laws and regulation, the hospital cannot tell the Pastor, even if we phone and ask if you are there. It's up to you or a member of your family to let your Pastor know about a hospitalization.


A birth in the family or baptism in our church. Pastors love to hear about births in the family and celebrate this special time with you. Your Pastor should be consulted before the baptism date is set. 


A wedding in our church. Your Pastor should be consulted before the wedding date is set. Since you will undoubtedly desire to have one or more conferences with the Pastor, it is advisable to contact your Pastor well in advance of the wedding.


You have a life-threatening illness. Your Pastor would wants to walk with you through this difficult time to bring God's strength and hope along the way.


A death in the family or funeral in our church. When there is a death, your Pastor would like to know immediately. I am never "too busy" to bring the comfort and assurance of God's love in the darkness of grief. Your Pastor should be consulted before the funeral date is set. 


You would like a prayer said for you. Your Pastor is always happy to do this. Our powerful and loving God answers prayer!


(Please note: If you would like yourself or a loved one to be included by name in our prayers during a Sunday morning service, tell Pastor that specifically. Sometimes people want things kept confidential, so Pastor typically will not mention anyone by name in church unless asked or given the okay to do so.)


You would like the Pastor come visit you.


You have a question or concern about something at church. Many church-related questions that people have can be cleared up easily.


My office door is always open. You are welcome any time.


Pastor Bryant Bakkum

Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 952-567-9554

Email: pastorbakkum@gmail.com